Technology that gives more than it takes.

A champion and partner of the hospitality industry.

Doshii believes the hospitality industry deserves technology that serves them as well as they serve others. Technology that’s simple, easy and enjoyable. That gives a venue more than it takes.

Our technology brings hospitality apps together and gets them talking to each other. For venues that means less double-handling, admin and confusion and more time to do what they do best. For their customers, it means a more satisfying and seamless experience.

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Helping venues trim the fat

Doshii was launched in 2016 to address a critical problem in the hospitality industry: technology has turned into a buffet. Venues are required to use countless different apps – each one solving a unique problem. But with all these apps doing their own thing, venues face a new problem: integration.

With no connection or communication between their apps, venues aren’t able to operate efficiently with costly double-handling and errors.

Doshii is designed to help businesses clear their plate. We get a venue’s multitude of apps talking to each other and working in sync. The result for venues is less double-handling and more time to do what they do best. For their customers, it means a more satisfying experience.

To date, we’ve helped Australian hospitality serve up over 170 million orders with ease, and we’re hungry to do more.

You’re in good company.

Tech that gets better with age

We believe that truly great technology gets better with age. Technology should evolve and grow alongside the people it serves. That’s why the core of our development model is ‘Test, Fail, Learn’. 

Like the industry we serve, we’re always looking for ways to grow and improve. We hang our hat on delivering our partners real value at every point.

A team that just works

Our team’s rapidly growing and diverse – there’s technology experts, hospitality veterans and passionate product designers. But these differences bring us together – with a shared passion for helping businesses succeed, we all look at things from unique angles, bringing different ideas to the table for unexpected results. It’s a good kind of fusion – like cronuts or breakfast tacos.

  • Our partners can count on us to:

    Collaborate with integrity and respect
    Keep things simple
    Provide real value
    Find new opportunities
    Grow with you
    Never serve you b.s.

  • But they can’t count on us to:

    Save the last dumpling