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Glorietta saves valuable time with integrations.

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“Let’s say we receive 150 orders in an hour, with Doshii’s integration, that's an extra hour and forty minutes we’re getting back.”
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A Slice of Efficiency.

With Doshii’s help, Glorietta is saving valuable time serving hungry Sydneysiders.

All-day Italian eatery Glorietta is a place where you come for a drink and stay for a meal. Designed for long lunches, afterwork drinks and everything in between, the North Sydney spot is designed to adapt to pretty much any scenario.

After swinging open the doors in late spring 2019, that adaptability was quickly put to the test with the arrival of Covid-19. Instead of serving up their six types of negroni or their famous spicy vodka paccheri, the venue had to shift entirely to online sales and a wood-fired pizza delivery service.

“We’d already started to offer takeaway services in 2020 so luckily we were somehow prepared for that first lockdown. We could really put our wood-fired pizza oven to work after building up a good reputation in the very early days,” says Glorietta’s Operations, Food and Beverage Manager, Freddie Slater.

“Between lockdowns, online sales have actually ended up representing around 10-12% of our weekly revenue – pretty substantial for a 180 cover restaurant. But importantly, they’ve been our sole source of revenue during lockdown with orders coming in via Deliveroo, UberEats and more recently, HungryHungry,” he adds.

Like so many hospo venues across Australia, Glorietta has had to rely on online sales and delivery services during the pandemic. In the face of so much uncertainty, a keen eye for efficiency has become more important than ever before – especially when churning out up to 700 pizzas a day.

To help, Freddie switched Glorietta’s POS to Impos after the first lockdown to make the most of the Doshii integrations for Deliveroo and HungryHungry. 

“On a busy Friday or Saturday night, we have two people at the pass, one person talking to the delivery drivers and one person looking at the various iPads for each ordering app and accepting the orders. In this most recent lockdown we’ve also added a virtual kitchen called Chicken Paradiso, so it’s more like a NASA command centre than a restaurant to be honest!”

With so much happening, seamless integration is critical for Glorietta. “Firstly, it reduces the amount of printers and iPads – there’s nothing scarier than a printer breaking while you’re overwhelmed with orders! Secondly, it probably saves us 40 seconds per order having things integrated” says Freddie. 

It probably saves us 40 seconds per order having things integrated. Freddie Slater

“So let’s say we receive 150 orders in an hour, with Doshii’s integration, that’s an extra hour and forty minutes we’re getting back or don’t need to use. When you consider the potential knock-on effects – if we’re behind, the delivery driver isn’t going to wait and that impacts the customer – that efficiency is so important.” 

In the house of cards that is online order fulfillment, integrating the apps directly into your POS removes an entire process for your venue – it clears your plate and frees your team to focus on what’s most important – your customers.

“With Doshii purring away in the background, I can focus on getting hot pizzas out to North Sydney’s locked down, hungry residents!” says Freddie.   


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